Sunday, February 28, 2010


If the title "What's the difference between a fish and a kumquat?" was a joke, what would be the punch line? The winning answer will be sent to Ebeneezer Troutrucker. Leave all answees in the Comments section

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Has George Muterstein made a difference at Tobango?

Many eventful happenings in the Kumquat world lately. An archaeologist named Micob Orlandorus has discovered papers he says are the captain's log of the H.M.S Ventriloquist, an 18th century exploring vessel. The interesting thing is that in the journal, the captains mentions Cumquats, which he describes as "a small orange fruit the natives love. It is sour with a sweet, edible skin." Orlandorus thinks they were consumed by the sailors in large quantities to prevent scurvy.
To answer the question posed in our last post we talked to Ebeneezer Troutrucker the author of "What's the difference between a Fish and a Kumquat?" "I think Georgie Muterstein is a heckuva man but his impact on Tobango has been unexpectedly quiet. In my personal opinion Tobango's recent success is not because of Georgie." Troutrucker declined to say more.
Also, Northern Michigan newspapers are questioning that Treey will become lile Stonik in the way that they only sell in their local area.
In other news Aroldis Shapiro has not quite gotten the approval of the IKF board to investigate Philipé Swensington.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Genetic Modification and Bankruptcy: An Interesting Week

Much news in the Small Citrus World. Earlier this week we heard that Stonik Kumquats LTD will file for bankruptcy this week in front of court. Stonik came back to the major kumquat market this year after stopping the company's actions in 1922 due to a major Yellow-Bellied Marmot attack on their crop. M. Christopher Stonik IIII, the owner of the company, declined to comment in front of the media. We asked Hubit Shpeiper, a correspondent for Corgi's Kumquats, what he thought about Stonik's bankruptcy.
"If Stonik had gone national and reduced their quality vs. quantity ratio, they may have had a chance." Shpeiper also thinks that Stonik's leadership wasn't at it's best.
A company in San Fransisco is growing kumquats indoors. However, the Department of Agriculture has advised people not to eat them due to the "potentially dangerous fertilizers" used in the growing process. Also, the FDA is in the middle of a heated debate about genetic modification in kumquats. Since the technique is so new, nobody knows whether it is safe or not.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ferkington's New Division

Ferkington has eliminated a main competitor and a the same time gained a new division. A dispute with Catan Juice Products Inc. ended with Ferkington threatening to sue for slander and Catan agreeing to a merger with Ferkington. We interviewed Quincent Catan, Founder and president of Catan Juice.
"It wasn't my decision to let ourselves get bought out. But we will continue to produce high quality juices and juice blends like turkey fig juice, poha berry juice, and our specialty, tangelo-papaya blend." Ferkington has released a statement saying that nothing about the juice will change, including the logo.