Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arkanstonias accepts job offer at Kilimanjaro-Dormington, but only to "certain" terms

Hubit Shpeiper has recently written a book he says will "give us a better understanding of what goes on daily in the kumquat market." Shepiper, 41 a correspondent for Corgi's kumquats book is called "The Sweet and the Sour": The Present Age of the Kumquat business. Shpeiper also says the book mentions trade and deception that go on regularly.
While the Chicken, Alaska Ptarmigans struggle to stay in third place in their division, Solomon H.A Arkanstonias verbally accepted a job offer to be a consultant for Kilimanjaro-Dormington. Although in a private speech earlier the week, Arkanstonias said he would only do it if he had the maximum salary for a contract with four or more years to it.

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