Friday, November 27, 2009

Heart Attacks and Hybrids

In general news we were stunned to hear that Ferdinand Franzmuten Ferkington, the great- grand nephew of Sir Fredrick F.  Ferkington and late owner of Ferkington Kumquats L.L.C., suffered a fatal heart attack Thursday, November 19th. A Florida hospital told us that Ferkington's artery conditions were bad enough before the failure. Unnamed sources tell us that the family is in personal and financial turmoil.
New startup companies are producing, orangequats, limequats, and other kumquat hybrids.  We talked to Mark├╝s Smedlicker about these new hybrids.  
"The orangequats are like kumquats but sweeter.  My personal favorites are kumsimmons, which are a cross between persimmons and kumquats,"Smedlicker said.  "I occasionally add some limequat juice to stir fries." 

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another great week

Exciting week in the Kumquat world. Tobango was bought, Kilimanjaro spokespeople were ruled guilty on Saturday for saying obscenities at the Stonik company and Stonik  Kumquats have been spread throughout northern Florida.
But the question really is are Tobangos worth the monumental price tag? Some people think the price will drop for Tobangos now that George Muterstein has stepped in as owner. Most people have not tried a Tobango, but the ones who have seem to enjoy them. They are underrated in taste and nutrition. The company has been in financial debt for a while. We talked to Solomon H.A. Arkanstonias about the quality versus price of Tobangos.
"All in all it is not worth the price to buy a Tobango for every day occasion, but when you have a special party Tobangos are the way to go." Arkanstonias also said that due to the current recession  Tobangos are waning in popularity. But the question is, will Tobangos finally rise? 
The other thing that occurred this week is that some Kilimanjaro spokespeople were heavily fined for yelling obscenity about the Stonik company to the media. The Kilimanjaro company formally apologized to Stonik and company officials for Kilimanjaro called their spokespeoples' actions " Pathetic." 

Next post- Companies are now producing Orange kuats and Lime kuats. We go in depth in a new question. How do these fruits rate next to regular Kumquats?


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tobango bought!

New info from an unnamed inside source say that Tobango Kumquats LLC just got bought by George Muterstein.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's going on at Stonik

Lots of excitement in the Kumquat world. Down in Tallahassee, the revival of the Stonik Company has been slow, but intriguing. A spokesperson for Stonik says that their first batch is coming out in a few weeks. Rumor says that some batches are already being securely distributed in one or two markets. This makes the demand even higher for Kumquat lovers. Southwest and American Airlines have record highs on flights to Tallahassee due to incoming protesters who want nationwide distribution. We talked to Turner Tobiasen, a Kumquat lover in Chicken, Alaska. 

“It’s great that Stonik is coming back, but I’ll always be a Kilimanjaro fan,” He said. Kilimanjaro, which has its company headquarters in Jefferson City, Missouri, has become a less popular brand due the current recession. As for Stonik, we don’t have the most recent news, but we do think that when they come out, Stoniks will be a big hit.


As for the popular Kumquats, Ferkingtons are still at large in stores and doctors always recommend Saccelberry-Gerards for remedies. Both companies thrive and their shareholders do too.


Next post: Are Tobangos really worth the monumental price tag? 

by Eli and Jacob