Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's going on at Stonik

Lots of excitement in the Kumquat world. Down in Tallahassee, the revival of the Stonik Company has been slow, but intriguing. A spokesperson for Stonik says that their first batch is coming out in a few weeks. Rumor says that some batches are already being securely distributed in one or two markets. This makes the demand even higher for Kumquat lovers. Southwest and American Airlines have record highs on flights to Tallahassee due to incoming protesters who want nationwide distribution. We talked to Turner Tobiasen, a Kumquat lover in Chicken, Alaska. 

“It’s great that Stonik is coming back, but I’ll always be a Kilimanjaro fan,” He said. Kilimanjaro, which has its company headquarters in Jefferson City, Missouri, has become a less popular brand due the current recession. As for Stonik, we don’t have the most recent news, but we do think that when they come out, Stoniks will be a big hit.


As for the popular Kumquats, Ferkingtons are still at large in stores and doctors always recommend Saccelberry-Gerards for remedies. Both companies thrive and their shareholders do too.


Next post: Are Tobangos really worth the monumental price tag? 

by Eli and Jacob


  1. What super markets can I buy these Stoniks at? I can't wait! I'm a big fan of kilimanjaro, and I can't wait to buy these new Stoniks.

  2. I am now a devoted follower of this excellent blog.

    Where else can you go for the latest intrigue in the kumquat world?!

    Thank you for the fine prose,


  3. I love kumquats! They are my favorite food! MOO!

  4. I'm still a little fuzzy on Ferkingtons. What special qualities do they have that might persuade me to buy a bushel.

    A. J. K(umquat)

  5. I was always big on Saccelberry-Gerards, but after my recent trip to Tallahassee to taste the Stoniks, I was hooked!

    Looking forward to Michigan distribution...

    Avi C
    Kumquat lover and co-contributor

  6. max,

    Both the longtime supplier Obie's Kumquats and the new Corgie's Kumquats have bi-monthly newsletters.


  7. Andy,

    Ferkingtons are exceptionally (and some think mindlessly) sweet. They are good for juicing.