Sunday, October 17, 2010

Season Preview

As you know, the main kumquat season is just gearing up. Here's the inside scoop on all the major companies.

Ferkington - Ferkington has consistently been the most popular kumquat available despite the death of late owner F. Franzmuten Ferkington. A Ferkington kumquat's outrageously sweet flesh makes very popular juice. In fact Ferkington juice sector enlarged this year when they bought Catan Juices. How we think they'll do this year: While recently they have been plagued by losses, their sales remain strong and an advertising push will drive customers to their low prices.

Saccelberry-Gerard - Saccelberry-Gerards may not win in taste, but these nutrient packed health bombs are constantly recommended for a host of different illnesses. With the health craze, and the recent endorsement by world renowned food writer Wilemena C. Fink, author of Snarf: An Eater's Guide to Health in 58 Simple Steps, their popularity is soaring. How we think they'll do this year: Expect major growth in variety, distribution and profits.

Kilimanjaro -Dormington- In December Kilimanjaro and Dormington agreed to a merger. Although there have been rough stretches of time between board members their advertising campaign has done well and increased their popularity greatly. How we think they'll do this year: They won't beat Saccelberry-Gerard and Ferkington in sales, but kilimanjaro will inch up as a good quality but low priced kumquat.

Tobango - Tobango has long been known for extremely high quality and prices. For this reason, they were hit hard by the recession when people turned away from expensive gourmet kumquats and turned toward the cheaper options like Kilimanjaro-Dormington. How we think they will do: Armed with a new type of kumquat (see May 3), they set out to increase profits. However, Don't be surprised if they stumble.

Surpassa Fika - If any company is down, it's Surpassa Fika. With Philipé Swensington arrested for insider trading and their infamous commercial (Vegan Vinegar Substitute) ruined, their profits are in the dumps. But under new leadership, many see hope. Watch this company for a surprise comeback.


  1. I'm distressed by the state of Surpassa Fika. I think their kumquats are of the highest quality. It is a shame people let the actions of their leader and inappropriate ads deter them from this delicious and delightful kumquat.

  2. Never count Muterstein out! I think his Pale Grapefruit kumquat, referenced in the May 3rd post, will be the surprise of the season (no disrespect intended to Surpassa Fika). In difficult economic times, people initially turn away from more expensive kumquat options, but then they reflect on what's really important. Friends, family, hmmmm, maybe a bit overrated, but savoring a quality kumquat, an experience for the body, mind, spirit...this is a priceless experience to which I expect people will return.

    Looking forward to the season,
    Adam C

  3. Excellent update. An interesting season is ahead no doubt.

    Big question: what are the best kumquat companies to work for. Can you please fill us in with a few details?

  4. Stephanie,
    We will answer your question in our next post, along with other "Top 3" lists