Sunday, January 9, 2011

IKF Convention Big Success

The recent IKF convention in Antwerp, Belgium has been declared a big success by senior IKF officials like Hordon L. Gortense. "We had a lot of issues resolved and a lot of compromises made." he said. Gortense was on the Kumquat Fungal Disease Prevention Committee. We asked analyst Carlene Aberswarthy on key accomplishment at the convention. "We saw a lot get done on regulating environmentally harmful fertilizers. There was also a decision made to make this convention occur more often. A special committee will meet in March to discuss how often the convention should be."
A recent report from national kumquat sources is that storage closets full of PaleGrapefruit Kumquats (Owned by Tobango) in Oahu, Hawaii were ransacked, vandalized and crates have reportedly been stolen. Tobango is yet to confirm this.

Next Post: Joe Harbrahcka was sick this week so we will have our interview with him.

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