Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Has George Muterstein made a difference at Tobango?

Many eventful happenings in the Kumquat world lately. An archaeologist named Micob Orlandorus has discovered papers he says are the captain's log of the H.M.S Ventriloquist, an 18th century exploring vessel. The interesting thing is that in the journal, the captains mentions Cumquats, which he describes as "a small orange fruit the natives love. It is sour with a sweet, edible skin." Orlandorus thinks they were consumed by the sailors in large quantities to prevent scurvy.
To answer the question posed in our last post we talked to Ebeneezer Troutrucker the author of "What's the difference between a Fish and a Kumquat?" "I think Georgie Muterstein is a heckuva man but his impact on Tobango has been unexpectedly quiet. In my personal opinion Tobango's recent success is not because of Georgie." Troutrucker declined to say more.
Also, Northern Michigan newspapers are questioning that Treey will become lile Stonik in the way that they only sell in their local area.
In other news Aroldis Shapiro has not quite gotten the approval of the IKF board to investigate Philipé Swensington.

Next Post: Are Saccelberry-Gerards really better for you than other brands?


  1. I think that Troutrucker is holding back. What has he got to hide? Who does he think IS behind Tobango's recent success? Why doesn't he say?

    Also, what IS the difference between a fish and a kumquat?

  2. You ought to to talk to Aroldis Reynie Shapiro. He is always on the the look out for conspiracies. I have no idea what the difference between a fish and a kumquat is as I haven't read the book. But I hear it's a memoir of the author's experience eating kumquats and fishing with his father as a child. But it sounds like a joke book.

  3. So how would I reach the mysterious Mr. Shapiro? He appears to have covered his traili well in Google. Perhaps YOU could talk with him, and report back his answer here?

    If the question abou the kumquat and fish WERE a joke, what would the answer be? Maybe you could run a contest on the blog for readers?

  4. Unidentified sources believe they've spotted Mr. Shapiro sunning himself by a pool in Key West, noshing on roasted peanuts and drinking Kumquat liqueur while catching up on fractious industry news.

  5. I have information from a classified source that if you send a handwritten letter to his office at the IKF and write "Conspiracy" on the back and stamp on some red block letter stamps that say "Private" and Don't Read" or something along those lines he will read it.

    P. S.

    I will make it a contest. Good idea.