Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ferkington's New Division

Ferkington has eliminated a main competitor and a the same time gained a new division. A dispute with Catan Juice Products Inc. ended with Ferkington threatening to sue for slander and Catan agreeing to a merger with Ferkington. We interviewed Quincent Catan, Founder and president of Catan Juice.
"It wasn't my decision to let ourselves get bought out. But we will continue to produce high quality juices and juice blends like turkey fig juice, poha berry juice, and our specialty, tangelo-papaya blend." Ferkington has released a statement saying that nothing about the juice will change, including the logo.


  1. I hope this doesn't interfere with Catan's projected new product line. I was really looking forward to trying the huckleberry/soursop blend.

  2. Ferkington has promised not to interfere with the new product line. In fact, they are introducing another new blend: Snake fruit-starfruit juice.

    Go here for a list of fruit juices that Catan will soon carry

  3. I'm concerned that the new ownership will hurt the taste standards at Catan Juices. Ferkington does not always have the highest standards, and I am afraid some of these bad habits will breed into Catan.

  4. Ferkington has signed a legal agreement not to alter the quality of the juice or any product lines. The transaction means absolutely nothing to consumers. It just means that Ferkinton will get the profits.