Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More on Surpassa Fika and Treey

More exciting news this week in the Small Citrus world. A minor riot in Houghton by customers of Treey {TREE-EE}, possible insider trading with Surpassa Fika.  This week was the third consecutive week since a time in August when Ferkington has not been the leader in stocks by the end of the week. We talked to Vintiń Queninoski in Boise, Idaho about the strange phenomenon. He works at the St. Liynel Institute for the the L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) Impaired. He told us that he hates Ferkington for "their obvious health hazards" and he is "relieved that their massive profits are finally falling."
  The IKF (International Kumquat Federation) is being persuaded by Aroldis Reynie Shapiro, a federal agent and committee member, to investigate insider trading by Philipé Switzensten. Switzensten was a former Chairman of the Board and Vice President of International Trading for Surpassa Fika. Shapiro has only gotten only roughly 5 percent of the committee to approve.
In other news, reports say Police were forced to shut down Treey last Friday due to customer fights in a long line after work hours. Treey declined to comment. Also Kilamanjaro-Dormington board members got into a fight that involved chair throwing. The board is over-populated by Dormington members.

Next Post: The Last Remaining wild kumquats grow in China.  But developers want to cover the famed "Kumquat Forest" with much needed housing. What is the IKF doing about this?

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