Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who is George Muterstein?

Big news: Kilimanjaro has finally agreed to a merger with Dormington! Dormington, which was previously in serious financial trouble is looking for new success. The two companies usually rival each other in the market, but experts believe that the new union will be stronger, financially and otherwise, than the sum of it parts.
We have some new info on George Muterstein, the new owner of Tobango. Here is his Bio:
Muterstein had a frustrating early life. This was because his strictly Lutheran mother, the famous city dentist Vivian Yanious-Canterbury pushed George to follow her footsteps. He rarely saw his father Harry Muterstein, who was a hard working marketing director for a hardhat company. As a depressed teen, George was directed by his father to speak to a Rabbi for guidance. Muterstein liked the Rabbi a lot and decided to attend Rabbinic school. At this point, his mother divorced his father. He later graduated with top marks, became a successful reform Rabbi and wrote several popular books. The biggest hit was Moose and the Divine: A Spiritual Journey. Muterstein went on to possess much stock in the Kumquat industry before acquiring Tobango Kumquats LLC.

Next Post: How is Surpassa Fika doing in these times of economic misery?


  1. Dormington has historically been a prime wild card in the small citrus market. In the late part of the last century, they made a well conceived but poorly executed bid for an obscure Basque candied lemon peel outfit.
    Anyone who remembers the fallout will tell you that it was neither sweet nor a money maker.

  2. Dormington lost most of its popularity in the big "addicting kumquat" scandal of 1993, which involved injecting products with addictive chemicals. However, this reputation is unfair as the corporation has changed leadership several times since then.

  3. So excited to find your blog. I always teach "Moose and the Divine" in my religion classes. I have a new baby, and I was wondering which brand of kumquats are best for new babies. Thanks so much, Melissa

  4. Thanks for the question. I would personally with much experience in the citrus market suggest Ferkingtons for starters. This is because Saccelberry-Gerards are a bit too tart. But stay updated about Treey [TREE-EE]. Treey is an small Kumquat company that hasn't risen to commercial standards and only sells in ONE market in Houghton, MI. Who knows if Treey will move into the tough Kumquat market?

  5. Melissa/Stephanie,
    I would recommend Saccelberry-Gerards sweetended with sugar. They have loads of vitamins C and A and the sugar should reduce the tartness to your babies preference.